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Deedcoin is easy to understand! With Deedcoin, you save 80% or more of the real estate commission, thats about 5% of the total price of ANY property.Standard commission on a $500,000 home would be 6%, thats $30,000 taken from your pocket using the old real estate system. Using Deedcoin, you save 83%, keeping $25,000 more in your pocket. every 10 Deedcoin save 1% of the price of the property.

Deedcoin uses innovative technology backed by a patent pending system (App. No. 62/552,038) to improve efficiency and transactional security to reshape the industry nationwide.

The efficiencies of the Deedcoin network allow real estate transactions to operate at a cost of just 1%, allowing an average savings of 5% nationwide.

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